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Lefkadia valley is fertile land, gorgeous landscapes, inland vineyards, in-house organic vegetables, cheeses, sunflower seed oil and honey. Everything is produced at ecologicaly clean lands of Krymsk region using only natural fertilizers and additives. A tight in-house and international control and nature itself make Nikolaev and Sons goods so healthy and delicious!


We have our own goats and sheep in Lefkadia valley kept at a farm in natural conditions. The farm itself is located in a pollution-free area. Animals graze on natural meadows, provided with a great care and fed with selected natural feed. All this makes milk and then cheeses that tasty and healthy!


Only the best milk is sent to the cheese dairy of Lefkadia valley where optimum conditions for making quality cheeses are created and almost all operations are manual. The quality is guaranteed by laboratory tests of each yield, a thorough control at all stages of production and European standard certificates for organic products.


In Lefkadia valley standards of organic agriculture are met: omission of pesticides, agricultural chemicals, synthetic fertilizers and food additives, growth regulators and GMOs. Vegetables, fruit, berries, dairy products, cereals are produced at pollution-free lands certified as organic according the European regulation ЕС 834/07 and 889/08.


Only natural goat milk is used to make Buche cheese in Lefkadia valley. This is what gives the cheese its milky spicy taste and the crust of white noble mould adds light nut notes. Besides, Buche gets a special "autumn" aroma — an intense bitterish smell of meadow herbs.


Scamorza from Lefkadia valley is a semi-hard cheese of selected cow milk which has an original pear-like shape and a pleasant sweetish milky taste. This cheese melts beautifully that is why it makes an ingredient for a number of dishes, including pastry, and this is a great pairing for champaign and light white wines.


Soft creamy cow milk cheese made and aged following the classic French formula. Creamy cheese paste with a delicate truffle aftertaste is wrapped into a velvety crust of noble white mould and a light aroma of wild mushrooms blends with a graceful nut note. This sophisticated cheese won a number of awards and clients' love not for nothing!


Oley Lefkadii oil is made of sunflowers grown in the fields of Lefkadia without using pesticides, chemicals or herbicides. It is unique because of the benefits of high oleic sunflower seeds and its way of production: the domestic market almost has no producers making oil using the cold pressing method.


Lefkadia valley has a bee yard where natural organic honey is collected. Try Raznotravye, a honey made of the nectars of numerous flowers growing in the nearby meadows, and Akkuray, a fragrant, delicate and incredibly healthy honey.

Nikolaev and Sons

Under the trademark of Nikolaev and Sons family brand products manufactured by small artisan enterprises of Lefkadia valley are sold. Soft and semi-hard cow milk cheeses: Camembert, Scamorza and Latteria. Goat and sheep cheeses: Buche, Capretto and Lefkadiysky. And a high-oleic extra virgin sunflower-seed oil.

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Filipp Kolesnikov

Filipp Kolesnikov is in charge of the cheese dairy at Lefkadia valley. He thoroughly controls all the production process, develops and checks recipes and insures the steady quality of all cheeses. Every day he makes Lefkadia cheese stories reality and transmit the sensation of a new quality of life to the consumers.


A healthy lifestyle is impossible without natural and tasty products. This is our philosophy which we wanted to transmit creating Semidolye Trading House. This brand products come from "seven valleys" area of the North Western Caucasian Mountains. These are seasonal organic vegetables and honey. Besides the flavour, a gift from nature, all these products are healthy and totally safe for adults and kids as they are grown without chemical fertilizers or growth-regulating chemicals.

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