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Lefkadia is a unique project: a traditional way of the ancient agricultural trade and modern comfortable living conditions can blend perfectly and complement each other.

Already now Lefkadia is a place where a human will inevitable experience an incredible feeling of harmony, inspiration and inner peace, but still the project is developing fast sticking to the "new life style" concept. The ideas of this project not only bring us closer to the lifestyle chosen by all developed countries but also make us think about our own health and well-being of the whole planet.

What do we eat? What do we drink? In what houses do we live? Think how important it is for a harmonious future.

Everything done by Lefkadia management is not just a business but a desire to unite people passionate about their job. You can join the project if you share ideas of improvement of life quality, of comprehensive health care, of growing natural products, of developing wine drinking culture, of eco-building and harmony of man and nature.

Lefkadia is open to everyone!

Business structure

Trademark Lefkadia

Under the trademark "Lefkadia" we produce premium wines made of grapes from our own vineyards. Red, white and rosé wines named «Lefkadia», «Lefkadia Reserve» and «Lefkadia Rose» ranges as well as a range of original mono-variety wines. These wines are the face of our winery being exclusive wines from the best terroirs of the valley.

Likuria Trademark

Wines of European quality, created exclusively from Russian grapes, we call "Likuria". Red and white wines "Likuria", "Likuria Reserve", a range of monovarietal wines and also exclusive wines "Likuriya Hermitage Collection" regularly receive high awards at international competitions.

Semidolye Trademark

Semidolye Trademark unites products from Lefkadia valley. We call this area Semidolye, literally, seven valleys, because of the Seven Valleys of the foothills of the North-western Caucasus region. Ecologically clean seasonal vegetables and fruit grown according to the standards of organic farming and natural honey.

Nikolaev and Sons Trademark

Under the trademark of Nikolaev and Sons you can find family brand products manufactured by small artisan enterprises of Lefkadia valley are sold. Soft and semi hard cow, goat and sheep cheeses. And a high-oleic extra virgin sunflower-seed oil.

General information and documents

CEO of Lefkadia LLC:

Kostyuk A. 353344, 9, Sovetskaya st., Moldavanskoe village, Krymsk area, Krasnodar Krai,

407028108302800000321 at Sberbank of Russia, office 8619,
Krasnodar, correspondent account: 30101810100000000602
BIC: 040349602
Tax payer number/Tax registration event code: 2337039961/233701001
State registration number: 1082337000800
Phone number +7 (861) 316-94-19;
Fax +7 (861) 316-92-37
Full company name: Lefkadia LLC
Legal address: 353344, 9, Sovetskaya st., Moldavanskoe village, Krymsk area, Krasnodar Krai.
Business address: 353344, 9, Sovetskaya st., Moldavanskoe village, Krymsk area, Krasnodar Krai.
Date of state registration: June 17, 2008.
Number of state registration: 1082337000800
Registration body: Inspection of Federal Tax Service of Krymsk, Krasnodar Krai
Full name of the head: Kostyuk A.G.
Secretary's phone number: +7 (86131) 6-94-19