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Luxurious or simple and stylish, lost in the vineyards, by the lake or at the Amphora restaurant, accompanied by exquisite food and best wines, a true wedding at the winery... Your wedding! To organize something unique and majestic, outstanding or unusual, you don't necessarily need to fly or drive away thousands of kilometres, to other countries and time zones. Lefkadia valley has everything you need for an unforgettable party.


Every couple wants their photo session to be distinguished by its vividness and originality. In Lefkadia valley you will see the landscapes which you can find nowhere else. Nature in bloom, picturesque hills, lots of green make the best wedding setting.


A wedding walk as all other parts of your wedding day should be prepared beforehand. Picturesque views of Lefkadia valleys will become the best setting for your pictures and graceful rows of vineyards will bring a special charm to each shot.


A wedding in Lefkadia valley is a great variant for those who need a break from the city noise. Your ceremony will be distinguished by lightness and natural beauty - everything around will be in bloom and give endless opportunities for styling and original setting ideas.


A festive dinner is not only about delicious food but also about original setting. Lefkadia valley specialists will help you picking up variants of seating, decorating the dinner zone and organizing the best wedding reception. Just choose the date and the rest will be done for you.


You will be offered a cheese bar featuring Lefkadia valley cheeses for your wedding. Various types of cheese, fruit and vegetables which blend beautifully with this treat as well as honey, nuts and stylish decoration elements. You and your guests will discover a lot of interesting incredible tastes!


The more flowers and bouquets there are around during a party, the more colorful and harmonious a wedding ceremony looks. Book a sophisticated floral design for your wedding in Lefkadia valley and you will find fresh flowers and original designer ideas! Floral designers will create not only floral arrangements but also a unique wedding atmosphere.


You can safely rely on Lefkadia valley specialists in decorating the restaurant, the ball room and the wedding ceremony location. They will select design elements and create a defined style solution. Remember that each celebration is made of details and each single little thing can create the right mood!


Wedding on wine is a universally popular trend. Lots of couples dreamed about tying the knot among the luxurious grapevines: green leaves, nature and wine aromas - what could be better for a family celebration? The fabulous vineyards atmosphere will make your celebration unforgettable.


A wedding photo session often becomes a hunt for beautiful and original shots. A whole lot of joy, emotions, fairy-tale moments and impressions are waiting for you! Lefkadia valley photographers and videographers will help you keep memories of this exciting and happy day.


A wedding in Lefkadia is not about cliché words spoken during a standard ceremony but a celebration created by our experienced wedding planners for you! Your wedding will be unique, different from any other wedding because we are able to tell the romantic story of your couple specifically.


You will remember a wedding in Lefkadia valley as the highlight of your life. Enjoy and relax while a team of specialists takes care of all organizational tasks and brings to life all your dreams about a perfect celebration!



Wedding at Lefkadia valley is a romantic and a very beautiful ceremony. A team of specialists will help you make the happiest day of your life unforgettable suggesting various ideas for off-site registration and will take care of all issues related to its holding.


Wedding ceremony decoration is one of the principal tasks in wedding preparation. Correct decoration will create a needed atmosphere and guarantee fabulous memories in pictures. Decorators of Lefkadia valley will study every detail in the decoration of your party.

Photos | Videos

Each couple wants to keep emotions and memories of their wedding day forever. That is why it is so important to find a professional photographer and videographer for your party. In Lefkadia valley we will find specialists in photo and video who will only take truly interesting and quality shots.


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Choosing a wedding location is one of the hardest processes in the preparation of the event. How to know this is the place which will make your wedding unforgettable? Look around, choose and maybe in Lefkadia valley you will find perfect decorations for the happiest day in your life!

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Lefkadia valley specialists make all the possible efforts to make each celebration unique and unforgettable. The style and tastes of each particular couple will be taken into account to create a personal fairytale! You can see the results of our job on pages dedicated to past events and enjoy beautiful pictures of newly weds.

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