Lefkadia Valley Wine Appellation is a scenic place found on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range in Krymsky District, Krasnodar Krai. It benefits from a temperate continental climate, diverse and well-drained soils and a plenty of sunny days per year: nature itself has made this a perfect place for viticulture and top-tier winemaking.


Moldavanskoye Village that neighbours Lefkadia Valley vineyards is a place whose winemaking traditions go back to more than two thousand years. The village owes its name to Bessarabian migrants who settled these lands after the Second Caucasian War in the late 19th century. They settled in the vicinity of Krymskaya Cossack Village and called their new home Moldavanskoye – Moldavian - Village. They brought some grape-stalks from their distant homeland and restarted its winemaking history. From then onwards, viticulture has been growing in our area. Next to Moldavanskoye Village, another migrant settlement eventually appeared: Natukhaevskoe Village was founded by German settlers with their own varieties and winemaking traditions.


Lefkadia is a series of premium-quality wines produced from grapes harvested in Lefkadia Valley. Clay soils, strictly handpicked grapes, a winery with state-of-the-art equipment and gravity-flow technology, carefully handled ageing casks and our unreserved aspiration to produce wines that fully express the terroir’s unique aspects: these are the reason our wines are so radiant, recognisable and original. We’re proud to offer you a range of Lefkadia and Lefkadia Reserve red, white and rose wines. These are some of our signature products which we make from grapes harvested in the valley’s choicest terroirs.

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In Greek, Temelion means ‘starting point’. Temelion is a premium-quality sparkling wine made from grapes that originate in Lefkadia Valley’s best vineyards. Blanc de Blanc, Brut and Brut Rose are made according to the classic Champenoise technology: once bottled, the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation during a three-year ageing process.

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Likuria sparkling wines are an excellent combination of affordability and quality. They are produced using the cuve close method exclusively from grapes harvested in Lefkadia Valley, a unique Caucasian terroir. The series includes a classical Brut and a refined and well-balanced demi-doux sparkling wine.

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Patrick Leon

A world-class grandmaster of winemaking, Patrick Léon was one of the most experienced and admired vignerons of our times. A renowned oenology consultant, he worked side by side with such 20th-century dream viticulturists as Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Alexis Lichine and Robert Mondavi. From the day Lefkadia Valley Wine Estate was established, Patrick was investing his expertise into our wines, creating one-of-a-kind blends showcasing the local terroir.


Likuria is our series of avantgarde red and white wines produced from Russian-grown grapes. Our Likuria, Likuria Reserve and single varietal wines made from grapes harvested on dedicated Single Vineyard plots have won many international awards.

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Sauk-Dere Wine Estate has a tradition of winemaking that goes as far back as 1926. This is a perfect place to create distinct wines: it has a unique microclimate in its almost 3 kilometres of underground tunnels. Several years ago, this fabulous wine estate was totally refurbished and since then its redesigned wine collections have been praised for conveying the best aspects of this terroir, i.e., marl soils and cool breezes. Sauk-Dere is known for its expressive single varietal and assemblage wines which we make from grapes harvested in Lefkadia Valley foothill terroir. Learn more

The Bachelor's Collection

Probably, the best Lefkadia Valley products are those included in our Bachelor’s Collection, a series of premium, aged monovarietal wines. These wines are made from carefully selected plots and only the best vintages are used. The bottle label design features an image of the creator’s shadow reflected in the very item that represents the creator’s feelings evoked by the wine’s presence.

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Our vineyards are located in a valley on the foothills of the North Caucasus mountain range at the 44th parallel north, the very latitude on which the French Bordeaux Region is found. Our terroir’s quality affords us total freedom to experiment and therefore Lefkadia Valley’s oenologists have been able to implement their most original ideas.


We grow our grapes upon southward hillsides at altitudes ranging from 140 to 240 metres above sea level (460 to 780 ft.) A temperate continental climate, plenty of sunshine, remarkable soil diversity and substantial day-night temperature differences: nature itself has made Lefkadia Valley a perfect place for top-quality winemaking.

Lefkadia Valley’s WINERIES

At present, Lefkadia Valley has two wineries. A small underground winery in Moldavanskoye Village uses a gravity-flow process and has a large selection of barrels made of French and Russian oak, 300 small-size stainless steel tanks, grape harvest refrigerators, egg-shaped concrete tanks and a unique in Eastern Europe vine, grape & wine quality control lab. The second local PDO-certified winery is found at Sauk-Dere, a village with Circassian roots. It used to belong to the Sauk-Dere State Winery that was founded by order of the USSR Food Industry Minister Mr. Anastas Mikoyan in 1937.


Lefkadia Valley Laboratory’s proficiency is regularly tested through an international BIPEA evaluation programme. It features state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to fully monitor the condition of our soils, grapevines, grapes and wine.

Winery «Sauk-Dere»

The winery is located in the village of the same name and is known not only for its wines, but also for the legendary cellars in deep seashells, where, at an ideal constant temperature and humidity, the largest collection of wines and cognacs in Russia is kept. The history of winemaking in this region began in 1926, when the first planting of the vineyard was laid. And now this is a full-cycle enterprise, which includes the entire technological chain from planting the vines to the bottling line.


We endeavour to make uncompromising quality wines only. We use the choicest grapes harvested in Krasnodar Krai; we operate efficient equipment sourced from reliable international suppliers; we apply strictest QC procedures at every stage of the process and, most importantly, we are a team of professionals who love their job. At Lefkadia Valley, we’re always keen to experiment in order to help you discover an amazing world of superb Russian wine!


Lefkadia Valley makes dry white, red and rose wines sold under several brands and also sparkling wines made according to the classic Champenoise technology. Wines originating in Lefkadia Valley have already won over 150 awards in various international exhibitions and tasting events.


In Lefkadia Valley, we grow 23 grape varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Roussanne, Viognier, Riesling, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, etc. We harvest our grapes by hand-picking only. Our region’s substantial day-night temperature differences infuse our grapes with delicate aromas and elegant acidity.


For further information send us an e-mail at:, Alexandra Mironova, Head of Marketing