Lefkadia winery

Lefkadia winery is situated in Krymsk region of Krasnodar Krai on the picturesque foothills of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. The moderately continental climate, a variety of well-drained soils, the needed number of sunny days per year — the nature itself has created perfect conditions for vine growing and creating excellent wines here.


Under the trademark «Lefkadia» we produce premium wines made of grapes from our own vineyards. An inimitable terroir, hand picking exclusively, high-tech equipment at the gravitational winery, a thorough lab control at all stages of production make these wines bright, memorable and original.You can choose from the variety of red, white and rose wines of Lefkadia, Lefkadia Reserve and Lefkadia Rose ranges as well as a range of original mono-variety wines. These wines are the face of our winery, exclusive samples from the best terroirs of the valley

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Temelion, a starting point in Greek, is a premium sparkling wine made of grapes picked at the best vines of Lefkadia valley vineyards. Blanc de Blanc, Brut and Brut Rosé are made following the classic Champenoise process consisting in post-fermentation with further ageing for two years. To produce champaign in Lefkadia valley Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines were brought from France on purpose. The production is supervised by a famous maestro Rudolf Peters.

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The new line of sparkling wines «Likuria» is affordable and high-quality sparkling wines made with an acratophore method exclusively from Russian grapes grown in the unique terroir of the Krasnodar Territory. Classic brut, refined semi-sweet wine and original semi-dry — appreciate all the sparkling novelties from the valley of Lefkadia!

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Patrick Leon

Patrick Leon, a legendary winemaker, is among the ten most experienced and respected winemakers in the world. A consulting enologist who has worked with such legendary winemakers of the 20th century as Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Alexis Lishin and Robert Mondavi, now evaluates Lefkadia valley wines creating unique blends and admiring the local terroir.


Wines of European quality, created exclusively from Russian grapes, we call «Likuria». Red and white wines «Likuria», «Likuria Reserve», a range of monovarietal wines and also exclusive wines «Likuria Hermitage Collection» regularly receive high awards at international competitions.

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Sauk-Dere is a winery with a rich history, originating in 1926. It provides ideal conditions for creating high-quality, recognizable wines. A unique microclimate, own vineyards and advanced equipment — after the reconstruction of the legendary enterprise, the renewed wine collections demonstrate a high level of quality of the terroir. Sauk-Dere is famous for its bright varietal and blended wines from grapes of the foothill terroir of Lefkadia Valley. The production is supervised by Bordeaux enologist Patrick Leon and the young Russian wine-maker Roman Neborsky. Learn more

The Bachelor's Collection

The Bachelor Collection range of premium wines is made with selected grapes grown at the best lots of Lefkadia valley and hand-picked. The character of this range is defined by a long ageing in exclusive French oak barrels. Exclusive bottles are a limited edition and only available to the Lefkadia Valley Club members. They are perfect for those who are looking for a revelation in wine as they give a chance to enjoy all the shades of flavour and the steady high quality of Russian wine.

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The vineyards are located at the foothills of the North Caucasus Mountains, 44° north latitude, the same as the famous Bordeaux region in France. The quality of the local harvest opens endless possibilities for experiments and help Lefkadia enologists bring to life their most ambitious ideas.


Grapes grow on the South slopes of the hills at 140-240m above sea level. The moderately continental climate, a plenty of sunny days, a shelf with a variety of soils, diurnal temperature variations - the nature itself has created perfect conditions for making excellent wines in Lefkadia valley.


The Lefkadia Winery is unique: gravitation, a huge for Russian standards French and Russian oak barrel stock, 300 steel micro jars, refrigerators for cooling white grapes, cement egg-shaped jars and a modern laboratory having no analogues in Eastern Europe.


The Lefkadia valley laboratory takes part in BIPEA, a programme of international quality control of lab tests. It contains modern equipment necessary for analysing soils, vines, grapes and wines. While wines are ageing in barrels, the level of alcohol, sugar, acids and other components is monitored.

Winery «Sauk-Dere»

The winery is located in the village of the same name and is known not only for its wines, but also for the legendary cellars in deep seashells, where, at an ideal constant temperature and humidity, the largest collection of wines and cognacs in Russia is kept. The history of winemaking in this region began in 1926, when the first planting of the vineyard was laid. And now this is a full-cycle enterprise, which includes the entire technological chain from planting the vines to the bottling line.


In Lefkadia valley white, read and rose dry wines of various ranges and price points are produced together with Russian champaign made using the classic technology. Lefkadia valley wines have won more than 150 awards at international exhibitions and tasting competitions.


There are 23 of varieties of grapes cultivated in the Lefkadia territory: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Roussan, Viognier, Riesling, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, etc. Berries are hand-picked only. A diurnal temperature variation favours the accumulation of sophisticated aromatic substances in grapes and gives them a graceful acidity.

Lefkadia valley Club

If you want to get access to limited wine collections (Lefkadia, Lefkadia Reserve, The Bachelor's Collection), special offers and discounts and to get updates on the company's latest news we invite you to join the Lefkadia valley lovers' club!

We have established a club to share fresh news delivered directly from our vineyards and Lefkadia group farms, corporate events announcements, recipes by our chef and other useful information related to the wine-making and healthy nutrition culture in one way or another.


Discounts for purchase of wine products and tourist packages, serviced offered by The Wine House restaurant and staying at Lefkadia Hotel as well as for purchase of Nikolaev and Sons Trading House food.


One-time free tasting of the food range of the winery for a Club member and his or her two friends in Lefkadia valley (one time every six months or one time a year respectively).

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The possibility for club card holders to get: Lefkadia valley news, corporate events announcements, recipes by The Wine House restaurant chef and other useful information.


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