Wine tourism

Tourism in Lefkadia valley

Wine tourism allows everyone to try wines in the place they are made in, to see how a particular taste is born and to learn the secret of its natural origin. You will not only relax and try wines but also go on a captivating tour which will bring you to vineyards, and teach you about production technologies and wine making traditions. Welcome to Lefkadia valley where you can taste some of the best Russian wines and cheeses!


Setting off on a journey each tourist pursues their own aims. Some go sightseeing, visit monuments and museums and others meet local people, learning about traditions, customs and the cuisine. And the third category comes to discover something new. If you like good wine and quality food then welcome to Lefkadia!


Depending on your desires, you can visit the Lefkadia Valley for a one-day visit or stay for a few days by choosing one of the tourist packages. Accompanied by a guide you will visit the vineyards and nursery of ornamental crops.


The winery offers a comprehensive infrastructure for wine tourists: comfortable transportation system for a trip around vineyards, a tasting room, the wine museum and The Wine House restaurant where you can try delicious food. A tour to the vineyards and the laboratory will help you make sure of the wine quality and see all the production stages.


Do visit the vine-growing and wine-making museum where ancient exhibit items from France, Austria, Germany and other European countries are displayed. You will learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of wine-making, see rare exhibit items from various wine-making epochs, pictures and statues brought from all around the world, ancient figurines of German porcelain, peculiar cork screws and fanciful 19th-century drinking cups.


This is in Lefkadia valley that you can feel the flavor and aroma of the local wines to the fullest. This is where each glass of wine will bring you incomparable pleasure. You will breath the same air as each bunch of grapes, warm up in the rays of the sun and imagine the whole way wine comes watching graceful rows of picturesque vineyards — that is the whole point of wine tourism!


We will be happy to invite you on an exciting journey to the Lefkadia winery cellars where you will witness a unique process of wine making and have a chance to try things you can find nowhere else! 2009 harvest wines which were never sold and are only available at the Lefkadia cellar are stored here.


Naturally, after such a holiday you will want bringing home lots of delicious souvenirs. We recommend visiting the wine room where experienced cavistes will hold a tasting for you and will tell you about great food pairings. You can also buy wines you liked at reasonable prices.


You cannot visit Lefkadia valley without going on a tasting where you will be introduced to various wines of Likuriya and Lefkadia ranges. While wine remains the main point of the journey you will also try eco-friendly cheeses made in the valley. And what else could emphasize the taste of local wine better?

The legendary «Sauk-Dere» winery

In the «Sauk-Dere» you will find a journey through the dungeons, which includes a small digression into the history of the enterprise, as well as the opportunity to see the famous vinotheque. Here are stored more than 80 000 bottles of wines and cognacs, some of which are unique and preserved only in the Sauk-Dere storehouse. After the tour, guests are led to the tasting room with a breathtaking view of the foothills of the Caucasus.

Excursion tours of the Lefkadia valley

Excursion to the winery «Lefkadia»

You can get acquainted with the mystery of winemaking and the birth of the best wines of the «Lefkadia Valley», see the equipment, learn the technology of production. The tasting of local wines (white and red wines of the Likuria line) and cheeses in the barrel aging shop will finish your cognitive journey.
Duration: 50 minutes
Cost: 1300 rub. (Adult) and 700 rubles. (For children)
The tour is available by reservation.

Excursion «Wine trails of the Lefkadia Valley»

Together with an experienced guide, you can touch the terroir, where fine wines are born, enjoy the views of the pristine nature of the Lefkada Valley, its vineyards, go through the longest sycamore alley of the Kuban and combine it with tasting local wines (white and red wines of the «Likuria») and cheeses in the bosom of nature.
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: 1500 rub. (Adult) and 800 rubles. (For children)
The tour is available by reservation.

Excursions in the hunting farm

In the hunting farm you are waited by hunting accompanied by an experienced huntsman, as well as fishing in a forest lake. This is a great way to enjoy the surrounding landscape, the opportunity to feel the full harmony with nature and to diversify the tasting everyday life in the Lefkadia valley.
Cost: 1000 rub.
Leave a request: 8 (800) 200-30-33.

Excursion to the legendary cellars «Sauk-Dere»

Tourist complex «Sauk-Dere» offers to visit tunnels with aged wines, to see the legendary wine cellar, where wines from all over the post-Soviet space are collected, to get acquainted with the secrets of production, and of course — to taste wines.
Duration of the excursion — 1,5 hours.

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A visit to vineyards will let you see how grapes ripe and how fruits are harvested, and a visit to a grapery to see how grapes become wine. There are solutions for those who prefer wine tasting.

Wine tasting

Drinking a glass of wine admiring the view of vineyards in the rays of the declining sun — such moments long in the memory and fill one's heart with happiness. Wine tasting in the place where it is made accompanied with local products makes an unforgettable experience.


In the valley of Lefkadia you can look at the winery, with your own eyes see all the stages of the birth of wine, listen to an exciting excursion, and at the same time make sure of the quality of the products.

Contacts and opening hours

Phone number: 8 (800) 200-30-33
Opening hours: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Wine room

In the valley you will find a wine room where you can taste and buy Lefkadia wines at nice prices. You can even find here exclusive wines which are hardly displayed on shop shelves. And our professional cavistes will be happy to help you make a choice and organize a tasting for you.

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At the restaurant you can always taste Lefkadia valley wines paired with dishes from a varied menu created by a talented chef. Starters, salads, desserts, main dishes - you can find some of these original recipes only here! Try, find a perfect pairs and after that drop by the wine room to take home some wine you liked.

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In Lefkadia valley one can relax at a wine tasting without thinking about coming back home and the necessity to drive after, because here you will find not only good wines but also a comfortable place where to sleep. Even the interiors and the fabrics of Lefkadia hotel are created to make you dip into the atmosphere of a true wine tour.

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