Premium Wines

The line of dry wines «Lefkadia» consists of 11 samples created from Russian grapes grown in the unique terroir of the Lefkadia valley. Red and white samples are presented in blended and varietal versions. Premium wines was aging in an oak barrel. The «Lefkadia» collection — the embodiment of the skill of talented winemakers and an international team of experts.

Premieres of 2017

Cabernet Franc with a bright aroma with tones of red berries and notes of black currant jam, raspberries, shades of violets and tobacco leaf. Full, soft taste with good tannin structure. Vermentino with a delicate, elegant, well-balanced aroma with notes of citrus, spring flowers and white fruits. The taste of this white wine is elegant, with mineral-fruity shades, piquant sourness and a lively aftertaste.

Varietal white wines

The white varietal wines of the «Lefkadia» line are bright incarnations of the varieties Chardonnay, Vione and Sauvignon Blanc, which have proved themselves in the terroir of the Lefkadia valley. These memorable and original wines characterize a rich, deep and complex bouquet, intense taste and elegantly emphasized varietal characteristics. The white wines of the «Lefkadia» line are aged, saturated with the aromas of oak, and also have the potential for storage.

Varietal red wines

The red varietal wines of the «Lefkadia» line are created from classic European varieties: Merlot, Shiraz, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as the Russian autochthon Krasnostop. Grapes are grown in the terroir of the Lefkadia Valley, where for each variety is selected the optimal site for the characteristics and composition of the soil. All wines are aged in an oak barrel. Ready-made samples differ in rich taste, rich bouquet and noble structure.

Lefkadia Reserve

The white and red wine of the limited collection «Reserve» of the «Lefkadia» line is the pride of the winery. Grapes are grown in the unique terroir of the Lefkadia valley. Individual approach to each unique site allows you to collect grapes at the time of its ideal maturity and gives a wide palette for work on the final assembly. These noble, aged dry wines will satisfy even the most demanding taste and have good storage potential.

Lefkadia Rose

A bright, rich, harmonious aroma with shades of peach, muffins and roses, elegant taste with a creamy texture, harmonious acidity and light spices in the aftertaste - this exquisite rose wine was created under the guidance of the famous Patrick Leon. Full of freshness and life, dry wine «Lefkadia» is made from Russian grapes grown in the terroir of the valley. The best choice for true connoisseurs of roses!

Lefkadia Winery

The winery, organized according to the gravitational principle, is also distinguished by a combination of innovative equipment and an abundance of manual labor where it is preferable. Many European technologies used in «Lefkadia» are unique for Russia.

Varieties of grapes

23 international and Russian grape varieties are cultivated in the vineyards of the Lefkadia Valley, seedlings of which were purchased in the best world nurseries. Vineyard is regularly updated: there is a selection of suitable soils for each variety, as well as a selection of varieties showing the best results.

Wines of the line «Lefkadia»

Russian grapes

All «Lefkadia» wines are created exclusively from grapes grown in the valley of Lefkadia. This is not just a great place for the birth of grapes, here we control all stages of vine growth, maturation, harvesting, so we are confident in quality.

Variety of flavors

In the line are presented as varietal wines, and interesting blends — you will definitely find something that meets your exquisite tastes. At the heart are classical European varieties, but with a unique new sound, peculiar only to the wines of the Lefkadia valley.

Searching for something new

Almost every year we delight gourmets with interesting novelties of the line «Lefkadia»: we experiment with varieties, fermentation, technologies, duration of aging — in a word, we are striving to make unique wines of the highest quality.

«Lefkadia» collection

Lefkadia wines are made in the style of Arcimboldo and illustrate the myths of Ancient Greece, where wine is present. And the labels «Lefkada Reserve» — the memory of long months of aging and the unique atmosphere of the cellar. Slender rows of shelves, on which wine bottles are laid horizontally. It is worth to move away, and only copper points are visible — the tips of the caps.