Wines of the European quality

Russian art was discovered to the world by avant-garde artists in the twentieth century. Now, at the beginning of the XXI century, Russian winemakers are on the verge of opening the great wine-making terroir of Russia. Likuria wines combined these discoveries. The result exceeded all expectations. Likuria are unique avant-garde wines with a unique character of the Russian terroir. The process of production begins with organic work in vineyards that grow on the marl and limestone soils in Lefkadia Valley appellation.

Manual harvesting and careful double sorting at the first gravitational winery in Russia preserve all the qualities of the valley’s grapes, preventing the oxidation of berries and wines. Controlled fermentation and aging in barriques from French and Russian oak give elegance and depth to European and Caucasian grape varieties.

The Likuria wine collection consists of 13 dry wines made from Russian grapes grown in the Caucasus foothills. Red and white wines are presented in monosort and blend versions. These wines regularly become winners at various international competitions and exhibitions and are available to all who appreciate the quality and taste of good wines.


«Likuria» is a red and white wine for every day. Blending of each sample is selected individually and varies depending on the year and the characteristics of the harvest, so that you can always receive high-quality and original wine made from Russian grapes. The main feature of the design of wines is that the label not only decorates the bottle, but also shows the varietal composition of the wine, it consists of the color segments that symbolize the types of grapes used.

Monosort white wines

White wines of the collection «Likuria» are created from European grape varieties, showing good results in the region: Riesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Dry not sparkling wines are produced exclusively from Russian grapes grown in the north-western foothills of the Caucasus. White monosort wines of the line «Likuriya» have elegant acidity and elegant varietal notes — refreshing summer options.

Monosort red wines

The red monosort wines «Likuria» are created from classic and popular European varieties: Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. For the production of wines, only Russian grapes are used. These dry wines have pronounced varietal characteristics and unique features that reflect the characteristics of the region. Samples are not designed for long exposure and perfectly show themselves as young table wines.

Likuria Reserve

Original blend «Likuriya Reserve» is created to be delicate, unobtrusive, friendly. Red dry wine is distinguished by original selection of varieties, well thought out structure and its own unique style. «Likuriya Reserve» is made of Russian grapes grown in the north-western foothills of the Caucasus by famous winemakers. These are light enough samples, without aging in a barrel, but with a bright aroma and a memorable taste.

Likuria The Hermitage Collection

Collection «Likuria. The Hermitage Collection» was created in a joint project of a winery and the Hermitage Museum. This red and white dry wine, made exclusively from Russian grapes, inspired by the collection of the museum, is also highlighted by the unique design of wine labels in the Hermitage theme featuring works of art displayed in the museum. These wines are designed to give art lovers new taste sensations and aesthetic pleasure.

Flamingo rose

This gastronomic rose is perfect for accompanying many dishes from seafood to berry desserts and will become a real decoration of the table. Bright, berry flavor with shades of roses, carnations, wildflowers. Moderate, harmonious taste with fruit shades and gentle, fresh acidity. A wonderful aperitif and an excellent choice for connoisseurs of roses!

Caucasian varieties

We released our first Caucasian varieties in the brand Likuriya, our first wine of a protected geographical indication Kuban. Krymsk. Terroir of Lefkadia is great for Caucasian grape varieties. Likuriya Rkatsiteli and Likuriya Sauvignon Blanc and Mtsvane were vinified in steel. From the harvest of 2018, the release of Caucasian varieties with vinification in clay amphoras is planned.

Wine tourism

Wine tourism is a journey into the mysterious world of winemaking, immersion in a unique culture and acquaintance with the unique nature that gives birth to the wine of the valley of Lefkadia! You can choose one of the excursion options or visit the tasting. Discover all the advantages of wine tourism in the valley of Lefkadia!

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«Lefkadia» Winery

The winery is located next to the vineyards, so the berries are quickly and carefully delivered and processed. The winery itself is built on the principle of gravity: the grape must passes from one stage to another without pumps.

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«Likuria» wine collection

Russian grapes

The «Likuria» is the collection of original blends and varietal wines made from Russian grapes. We took the proven European grape varieties grown in the Krasnodar Territory and gave them unique features and taste of the Lefkadia Valley.

Variety of flavors

Bright Chardonnay and rich Cabernet Sauvignon, mineral Riesling and soft Merlot, a gastronomic «Collection of the Hermitage» and stylish blends — it is the line «Likuria» of the Lefkadia valley that can be called the most diverse.

Affordable quality

The popular line «Likuria» is an opportunity to show the connoisseurs a new taste of Russian wine. Original and diverse, high-quality and dissimilar to others — these wines are filled with bright personality and exciting scents.

Label and style

In the Lefkadia valley, the line of «Likuria» was recently rebranded. The inspiration for the new design was the work of Russian avant-gardists, who at the beginning of the 20th century opened Russia to the world on the new side, demonstrating an innovative direction in art.


The laboratory of the Lefkada valley is equipped with all the necessary equipment of the latest generation. Here, the analysis of soils and grapevine, wine and microbiological analysis of grape must is carried out. In addition, the laboratory complex participates in the voluntary program of international quality control of laboratory analyzes of BIPEA.

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