Sparkling wines of the «Likuria» collection

A very careful selection of grapes allows us to make a new and perfectly balanced Russian wine. Handpicked harvest, controlled fermentation in stainless steel, wood, cement or clay brings out the best character of each variety. Barrel ageing, when required by the wine and vintage, is done with no new oak, so as to preserve the spirit and smoothness of our wines. We strive for a modern, organic and honest approach to our vines and Likuria wines are a testament to this new era of Russian winemaking.

«Likuria» white brut

The color of the wine resembles the brilliance of polished white gold, which is supplemented by soft greenish shades of lime. Playful trickles of small bubbles attract the eye, creating a bouquet of positive emotions. Aroma is thin and light, with shades of meadow flowers and a fruit component. The refreshing, tingling taste of champagne is filled with the tones of ripe apples and a light, sourish note of lemon grass with piquant bitter taste in the aftertaste.

«Likuria» white semi-dry

Elegant and memorable sparkling wine. It attracts with a light gold color and sparkling shine. The long play of subtle gas streams creates a sense of solemnity. The aroma of wine is delicate and gentle, but at the same time it is developed, with shades of meadow grasses and flowers. The taste of semi-dry champagne is in a harmonious balance between refreshing acidity and enveloping soft sweetness, and a long aftertaste will end with a slight pleasant bitterness.

«Likuria» white semisweet

The wine has a light straw color with a bright shine. Intensive play of bubbles in the glass creates a sense of celebration and raises the mood. Light, almost neutral flavor is supplemented with subtle floral nuances that harmoniously intertwine with shades of fresh May honey. The rounded taste of champagne successfully combines a toning freshness with a pleasant soft sweetness and is supplemented by a long fruit aftertaste.

Sparkling wines «Likuria»

Quality of grapes

Producing sparkling wines «Likuria» we do not save on quality, buying wine materials, but using exclusively Russian grapes, ripe under the tender sun of the south of Russia.

Akratofor method

Champagnation of wine materials for «Likuria» wines takes place in a reservoir way, which makes it possible to create excellent sparkling wines much faster and easier than with the classical version, while maintaining quality and own style.

Affordable prices

Sparkling «Likuria» is created for the mass market and is accessible to a wide range of customers. The price on the shelf of stores is more affordable than analogues, and the quality and taste will pleasantly surprise even those who are accustomed to the best examples of sparkling wines.


The laboratory of the Lefkada valley is equipped with all the necessary equipment of the latest generation. Here, the analysis of soils and grapevine, wine and microbiological analysis of grape must is carried out. In addition, the laboratory complex participates in the voluntary program of international quality control of laboratory analyzes of BIPEA.

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Label and style

In the Lefkadia valley, the line of «Likuria» was recently rebranded. The inspiration for the new design was the work of Russian avant-gardists, who at the beginning of the 20th century opened Russia to the world on the new side, demonstrating an innovative direction in art.

Wine tourism

Wine tourism is a journey into the mysterious world of winemaking, immersion in a unique culture and acquaintance with the unique nature that gives birth to the wine of the valley of Lefkadia! You can choose one of the excursion options or visit the tasting. Discover all the advantages of wine tourism in the valley of Lefkadia!

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