Wines with a history

In the collection of the legendary wines «Sauk-Dere» there is a variant for every taste. Varietal and blend, white and red, semisweet and dry — all of them are created in the «Sauk-Dere» own factory from Russian grapes. Another feature is the famous cellars, in which the optimal temperature for storage is maintained throughout the year. And affordable prices make these wines even more attractive for the buyer.

Varietal red wines

The collection of bright varietal red table wines made in the modern international style from grapes grown in the Sauk-Dere foothills, includes wines of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties, made in dry and semisweet versions. The design of the line is made in the style of Soviet labels of the 60s, which shows the glorious history and traditions of the quality of «Sauk-Dere».

Varietal white wines

The collection of bright, high-quality white table wines produced by classical technology from grapes grown in the Sauk-Dere terroir includes wines from Chardonnay, Riesling and Muscat. You can also choose semi-sweet and dry varieties. Stylish labels favorably distinguish them on the shelf. And the new European equipment, purchased as part of a large-scale reconstruction program, allowed to bring the wine to a new level of quality.

Blended wines

The line of blended white and red wines includes dry wines of the geographical name Sauk-Dere, as well as semisweet table wines from classic grape varieties. The wine is decorated in a naval, bright, playful style that evokes nostalgia for rest on the Black Sea coast. Sauk-Dere wine will be an excellent addition for meat dishes cooked on the grill during picnics, and also suitable for mulled wine.

Winery «Sauk-Dere»

The construction of a full-fledged winery «Sauk-Dere» began in the early fifties of the last century. Due to the optimal temperature of 15-17 degrees, storage and aging of the whole Krasnodar region was concentrated here at any time of the year!

Wine tourism

Tourist complex «Sauk-Dere» offers to visit tunnels with aged wines, see the legendary wine cellar, where wines from all over the post-Soviet space are collected, to get acquainted with the secrets of production, and of course to taste «Sauk-Dere» wines.

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«Sauk-Dere» wines

Full production cycle

«Sauk-Dere» can provide the entire technological chain from planting vines on their lands to the line of bottling and storage of finished products. In addition, the agrofirm is improved, applying innovative methods of winemaking and renewing the vines.

International awards

The wines of «Sauk-Dere» have repeatedly received high international awards at competitions in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, the USSR, and then Russia. The first medal local wines won back in 1964.

Glorious history

The land near Sauk-Dere can claim the right to be considered the cradle of winemaking, local people love and know how to make wine, and the traditions of local winemaking are lost in the depths of centuries. Only the history of the plant is more than 90 years old!

Design of «Sauk-Dere»

Bottles of «Sauk-Dere» wines are made in the style of Soviet labels of the 60s. The enterprise has a rich interesting history related to the Soviet past. There was an idea to create a unique style for the legendary wine, combine the spirit of the Soviet era with a modern innovative approach, having received a bright and absolutely new product.

Varieties of grapes

Currently, young and productive vines of the Riesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties with a total area of 134 hectares are growing on their own vineyards «Sauk-Dere». This is a modern planting of seedlings of European clones. All of them successfully manifest themselves in varietal and blended wines.